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Introducing Certificate 3.0

Certificate 3.0 is an innovative solution developed by VerifyD, a leading provider of document security solutions.

Overview of its features:

  1. Personalized Certificates: Institutes can create customized certificates effortlessly using Certificate 3.0. This feature allows you to design professional and branded certificates for your business.
  2. Digital Authorization: With Certificate 3.0, you can digitally authorize your certificates. When you do this, a unique URL is generated for each authorized certificate. Recipients can visually verify the authenticity of the certificate by visiting this URL. This adds trust to your certificates and protects your institute against forgery.
  3. Lifetime Immutable Document Storage: VerifyD offers secure document storage on its servers for up to 80 years, even on the free plan. This ensures the continued safety and accessibility of your valuable information.
  4. Document Tracking and Management: Certificate 3.0 empowers institute to track certificate issuance. You can monitor which employee issued a specific certificate and to whom. Additionally, you can track any access to the certificates outside your organization.
  5. Effortless Retrieval: As your institute and document volume grow, VerifyD allows for swift retrieval of documents issued even decades ago. This facilitates seamless business operations.
  6. Blockchain Technology: By leveraging blockchain technology, Certificate 3.0 provides an invulnerable defense against fraudulent practices, counterfeit certificates, and unauthorized alterations. Your organization’s certificates remain tamper-proof and trustworthy.

Remember, in today’s digital landscape, ensuring document authenticity is paramount, and Certificate 3.0 goes a long way in achieving this goal.