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Why Document Security?
In this competitive world the efficiencies of an organizations must be high and in a scenario like this document frauds can make huge losses which are not only monetary but also reputation loss.
Document fraud, a big business worldwide, is expanding to many spheres and industries and it costs billions of dollars to corporates in frauds every year.
What are the motivations for forging a document?
There are number of motivations for forging a document. Only few of them can be listed:
How secure is VerifyD?
VerifyD transmit every data over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) using AES128. We use 2048-bit keys with ECDHE cipher suites which is equivalent to encryption used by Google.
Can I publish single word Doc through VerifyD?
Yes, At VerifyD we continually work to provide easy, fast and user friendly processes to our clients for securing their documents such as Letter heads, certificates.
Can I publish Bulk documents through VerifyD?
Yes, With VerifyD bulk document securing tool thousands of documents can be secured within minutes. With data import and template design options the publishing of the secure documents become possible.
Can I see where the published documents are verified globally?
Yes, Daily logs are available and can be accessed by simply logging in the platform.
Can I use VerifyD for a dedicated channel of document verification?
Yes, Document issuers/VerifyD partners can directly inform their document’s respective verifiers to use VerifyD for instant document verifications.
How will the recruiter/verifier will come to know about the VerifyD Verification Procedure and save my time?
At VerifyD, we aim to create awareness regarding the VerifyD instant document verification system and existing partners within the recruiters, document verifiers in the Industry.